Children, from birth to usually puberty, provide the best example for normal skin. Age is the primary factor that deteriorates normal skin. Mature adults who had previously had oily skin may experience a normal rate of sebaceous gland function resulting in normalization of the skin. Due to age, the rate of sebaceous gland secretion slows down.

However, aged adults may have reduced biological activity at the basal layer and skin suppleness, elasticity and vibrant color are diminished. It is common for the delicate facial muscles to lose their tone resulting in muscle laxity.

DNA Clinical Treatment Protocol

• Citrus Burst Gel Cleanser™
• Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub™ - 2-3 times per week - A.M. or P.M. Program
• CryoStem Lift Stick™ - 1 time per day
• Floral Bliss™ 
• Lift & Firm™ (Oceana as alternative - see above)
• Anti-Aging Eye Repair Crème™ 
• Supernatural Vitamin A Crème™ or Phyto Collagen Moisturizer™ - A.M. Program
• Phyto Collagen Night Crème™ - P.M. Program           

Normal Skin

Global Transformation Longevity

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• Anti-Wrinkle Booster Shot™, Elasticity Booster Shot™, Hydro-Blend™ Accelerator. Blend with appropriate moisturizer.
• Sunscreen 28. Wait a minimum of 10 min. before application.

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