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Those of you who have had the pleasure of enjoying one of our DNA Organic facials, you can attest to their amazing results and organic virtue.
Now, in addition to the regular options we provide, you can reap the benefits of our new, individualized DNA Micro-Peels. These three exfoliating add-ons: the Glyco-Ionic Polymer Peel, the Lacto-Ionic Polymer Peel and the Sal-Ionic Polymer Peel all smooth and tighten the skins surface and do so without irritation because they contain nothing synthetic.

This means that even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of this pore cleansing, wrinkle smoothing, redness reducing therapy. There is no "down time" from these Micro Peels - exfoliation is gentle with no unsightly after affects. You will leave The Spa with your skin looking brighter, smoother and feeling fresh and hydrated.Ask us which Peel would be best for your skin type and be ready to look your best.

Ionic Polymer Peel

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