How does the elos ACNE treat my acne?

elos laser ACNE treatment head uses a broad spectrum of light and radio-frequency energies to target the sebaceous unit in the skin. The spectrum of light used is 400-980nm because short wavelengths in the blue light spectrum target P.Acnes(bacteria in acne) in the skin. The photo-dynamic reaction between the blue light and the photoporphyrins (light sensitive molecules) results in oxidation and free radical environment, reducing bacterial count and stopping the inflammatory process within the sebaceous gland. The radio-frequency also has a thermal effect on the sebaceous gland since it is conducted through the tissue and generates selective heating to target tissue where the impedance is lower (pre-heated sebaceous gland from light absorption). The addition of radio frequency in the Aurora AC system also gives the unique advantage of improving the texture of acneic skin (which is often left blotchy and rough after acne eruptions).

Is treatment with the elos ACNE head safe?

Treatment is very safe for all skin tones. There are many advances in the elos technology that make it one of the safest acne laser treatment systems available. There are no long term health hazards from light or electric energies used. Both have been used for decades in medicine, surgery and aesthetics without adversity.

What kind of results can I expect from an elos ACNE treatment?

Over a series of treatments with the elos laser ACNE head most patients notice a faster healing time of existing acne lesions. Frequency and severity of acne lesions should subside as the treatments progress. As well, on-going treatments can help to prevent acne break-outs and promote skin healing after acne break-outs by evening out skin tone and texture.

How frequently do I need acne treatments?

Acne treatments are done twice weekly for four to six weeks. Each treatment session takes approximately 15 minutes. After the initial series of treatments, your skin therapist may prescribe additional treatments spread out over a longer interval time to fine tune your therapy and help maintain results.

Does the treatment hurt?

The sensation is often described as a ‘hot pinch’ or ‘snapping’ feeling. The sensation only lasts for a fraction of a second and you may feel warmth or a tingling sensation for a short time afterward. The cooling tip that touches the skin surface makes the treatment both comfortable and safe. Most patients don't use topical anesthetic to numb the skin for this procedure.

What happens after each treatment?

Temporary pinkness in the skin lasts a very short time, and most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment. Every patient responds differently but most patients report they notice improvement as early as three weeks into treatment series.

Who should have the elos ACNE treatment?

Anyone who wants an alternative to traditional topical or oral therapies for acne, or who have not responded to traditional acne solutions. Acne on the face, chest and back are all treatable with elos. There are a few medical conditions that contraindicate people from treatment which will be discussed with your skin therapist during consultation.

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